My Story

Clearing is a way of consciously becoming aware of how you feel about the world around you and affecting it in a positive way. Everything is energy and with a open heart and mind we can remove blocks, help healing and the flow of energy in our environment.  

I offer both Personal and Space Clearing. Personal Clearing helps remove stress and blocks in the mental or emotional fields helping the person feel lighter, more positive and freer. Space Clearing is focused on homes, workplaces etc and likewise helps release negative energy which can be from earth energies or of human making. This makes the places happier and nicer to be in. 


I started learning and practicing Clearing in 2000 and have
studied with Eric Dowsett at retreats all over the world
including a ten day workshop in Australia in 2003 and a 23
day in Vietnam in 2007! I organised the Irish
Workshops and retreat for many years and have been an
active member of the International Clearing Community
since it started. I am the only Irish registered Clearer on the
One World One Heart website and have a page on it.


What a Clearing is like.

Clearings are very non invasive. I sit with the person (or on Zoom) and get them to talk about why they have come to me. I then tune in to their energy and release any blocks and Clear whatever presents to be let go at that time, sometimes using my pendulum. I can work from a distance and Clear loved ones, children or pets. Sometimes I finish with a visualization Meditation if it feels useful. 


Space Clearing is usually done in person or i can work from an address and photograph. I use an L rod to find energy blocks, underground water, magnetic field issues, "Ghost energy" etc and then Clear it into a balanced stare for the occupants.