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Nature Photo Therapy

We help people enjoy getting out into Nature to take photographs and feel the benefits it gives.


Why try Nature Photo Therapy 

How Nature Photography helps you!

Walking slowly in Nature, using your senses has long been known to have a massive number of health and well-being benefits. In Japan since the 1980's "Forest Bathing" has been prescribed  by Health Care Professionals to help with many conditions. 


Some people find it hard to slow down and focus on the natural world so we have developed a way to help them by using a camera to focus their attention. 

Walking slowly looking carefully at Nature boosts your mood, your energy and helps you sleep. Using a camera helps you to use your other senses and really tune into being in the moment.

Looking at the photographs after can bring you back to the grounded, mindful state you were in on your Nature Photo Therapy session. They also help you share your experience with loved ones who might not be able to get out themselves.

This is a wonderful way for people to find peace and relaxation safely in the pandemic. 

This year rather than travelling overseas we have the wonderful chance to really get to know the amazing wildlife around us. Discovering all the little wildflowers we never noticed and really seeing the gifts of Nature in our own beautiful country.


Once you try it you will always look forward to your next dose of Nature Photo Therapy! 

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