Nature Photo Therapy services
Individual Nature Photo Therapy Walks

Individual or family sessions.

We can arrange to meet you in a variety of areas of Nature in Laois and Offaly and guide you through a Nature Photo Therapy session.  We will help guide you to use your senses and get optimum benefits from your walk in Nature and hopefully some beautiful photographs.

You need to bring a camera and suitable clothing. 

Group Nature Photo Therapy sessions

Group Sessions.

We can facilitate your group in Photo Nature Therapy walks. We prefer groups of max 12 and to have children supervised by adults from your group. Sessions typically are two hours long. All taking part need their own cameras and suitable clothing. We try to plan for dry weather and might have to reschedule if it looks to be too wet as we want you to fully enjoy your experience. 

Nature Photo Therapy Talks

We can do a session using photographs from our Nature Photo Therapy walks for your group. We show images of nature to help those who can not get out themselves the beauty of the Natural world. We will have sounds of Nature and a guided meditation of walking through nature if you like. This is a way to bring the therapeutic benefits of the wild into places like Nursing homes. This can be done online or in person if restrictions allow.